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Maintenance Tips

Apart from scheduled servicing, your vehicle may need other maintenance. It's always important to listen to your car and deal with any problems immediately. Be on alert for changes in performance, sounds and visual tip-offs that indicate service or repairs may be needed. Some other clues to look for include engine stumbling, strange engine noises, a leak under the vehicle, a change in noise from the exhaust, spongy feeling brake or clutch pedals, high engine temperature, or if the vehicle steering pulls to one side. If you do experience any of these early warning signs, make sure that you have your local Toyota Service Centre inspect your vehicle at the earliest possible opportunity.

Tyre Pressure

Do a visual check of your tyre pressure every week and check them with a pressure gauge fortnightly, or at the very least, monthly. And don't forget to also check the spare. The importance of the correct tyre pressure can't be stressed enough. The correct tyre pressure for your vehicle can be found on a label inside the driver's door or in your Owner's Manual. For an accurate reading only check the pressure when the tyres are cold.

You will find a pressure gauge and air hose at all petrol stations. Remove the valve caps and hold the pressure gauge to the outlet, then slowly add air until you reach the specified level. Always replace the valve caps tightly.

Checking Engine Oil

  • Make sure that the vehicle is parked on a level spot, the engine is at operating temperature and the engine is turned off.
  • Wait a few minutes for the oil to drain to the bottom of the engine.
  • Pull out the dipstick and wipe it clean. Reinsert the dipstick - pushing it in as far as it will go.
  • Then pull it out and look at the level on the end.
  • If the level is near or below the Low Level, remove the oil filler cap and add small amounts of oil at a time - using the dipstick to check the level.

Checking Engine Coolant

Open the bonnet and look at the see-through coolant reservoir when the engine is cold. If you can't locate the coolant reservoir refer to your Owner's Manual. The coolant level should be between the FULL and LOW lines indicated. If the level is low, add enough coolant to bring the level up to the FULL line.

Brake Fluid Level

The brake fluid is housed in a see-through reservoir, so do a visual check to make sure that the level is between the 'MAX' and 'MIN' lines. It is normal for the fluid level to go down slightly as the brake pads wear, so be sure to keep the reservoir filled. If the reservoir needs frequent refilling, it may indicate a serious mechanical problem. If you're not sure where to find the brake fluid reservoir, check your Owner's Manual.

How To Tell If You Need New Spark Plugs

Common signs that your spark plugs need to be replaced include difficult starting, unstable running, engine misfires, loss of performance and increased fuel consumption.

When To Replace Your Oil Filter

A Toyota Genuine Oil Filter is designed to perform efficiently for the total time between recommended services. When New Town Toyota services your car, the oil filter will always be replaced according to the servicing schedule.

When Your Drive Belt Needs Changing

Toyota Genuine Drive Belts are designed for longevity and performance. A drive belt will last 60,000 to 100,000km of normal use, but this can vary greatly due to harsh operating conditions. When a belt wears out, it will start to slip and become noisy. This can cause numerous problems such as reduced cooling efficiency, the battery not being charged properly, and poor performance from the power steering and air conditioning. When New Town Toyota services your car, the Drive Belts will always be inspected for wear and/or replaced according to the servicing schedule.

When To Replace Your Air Filter

A Toyota Genuine Air Filter is designed to perform efficiently for the total time between recommended services. However, the condition of your Toyota Genuine Air Filter can be judged just by removing the casing and looking at the filter element. If it is dirty, clogged or damaged, then it needs replacing. If it is merely dusty, cleaning will be sufficient. When New Town Toyota services your car, the Air Filter will always be replaced according to the servicing schedule.

NOTE: Under severe operating conditions your Air Filter may require additional maintenance. Please refer to your Service & Warranty handbook or consult your Toyota Dealer

Recall FAQs

Ensuring that your Toyota is operating safely is as important to us as it is to you. There are occasions where vehicle manufacturers may issue a recall notice on your specific vehicle. New Town Toyota are here to help! In the event you have received a recall notice, we can help you carry out this process in a timely and efficient manner.

Why do I get a Recall letter if I cannot have the work done immediately?

Toyota takes their customers safety very seriously and wants to let you know as soon as possible of any potential safety recall related action that may affect your vehicle. For some recalls, new parts have to be engineered and produced which can take some time or the parts supply needs to increase to meet the demand. 

How much will this cost me?

There will be no charge for any recall work carried out on your vehicle. 

Can I book additional service work at the same time?

New Town Toyota are more than happy to assist with booking you in for any other service or repair work at the same time we complete your recall. Please ensure you let us know what you require at the time of your booking to ensure we can accommodate this.

Airbag Recall

A number of Toyota models have been recalled for front driver and/or front passenger airbag inflators that were manufactured by Takata Corporation. For more information call 1800 987 366 or click here. 

How will I know if there is a recall on my vehicle?

If you have a registered vehicle in WA, you will receive a letter directly from Toyota. Please ensure your registration is current and that you have an up to date mailing address. To ensure Toyota have your current and correct vehicle and contact details, you can contact them on 1800 869 682 or via email customerexperience@toyota.com.au. 

What do I do when I receive a recall letter?

Once you have received your recall letter please make contact with us. You can do so by phone on 08 9472 2600 or by email enquiries@newtowntoyota.com.au. Please ensure you have your recall letter handy when you make contact. 

Is my vehicle safe to drive?

The Safety Related Recall letter/s you may receive from Toyota will outline the exact condition and will advise you of action required. In the majority of cases a Safety Recall is announced as a precaution and your vehicle is still very safe to drive. 

Where can I get the recall work carried out?

New Town Toyota are more than happy to assist in completing your recall work. It is essential that you book in advance for this work to be completed.  In order to book please contact us on 08 9472 2600 or email enquiries@newtowntoyota.com.au