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Exterior Accessories

Your Toyota is a major investment, so make it yours and make it work for you with exterior accessories from New Town Toyota. You can help protect your vehicle's exterior with Bull Bars, Nudge Bars, Headlamp/Bonnet Protectors and Weathershields, which may help preserve its resale value.

Nobody knows a Toyota like we do. Every single Toyota Genuine Accessory from New Town Toyota is designed and manufactured to comply with Toyota's engineering and testing standards, which is reassuring when you're on the road.  Toyota Genuine Accessories always fit and conform to every contour of your car.

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Alloy Wheels from New Town Toyota

Alloy Wheels

There's a lot more to Toyota Genuine Alloy Wheels from New Town Toyota than sporty good looks. There are a few things that make them a clear advantage: Safety and Performance, Precision Fitting and Clearance Testing.

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Bull Bars from New Town Toyota

Bull Bars

Toyota Genuine Bull Bars are engineered in parallel with the actual design of each Toyota model from New Town Toyota. This makes them an integrated part of the overall safety system and styling of that vehicle - rather than just being an add-on. Using Toyota Genuine Bull Bars will also ensure correct proper Airbag deployment.

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Canopies from New Town Toyota


Protect your load with Toyota Genuine Canopies from New Town Toyota. Your HiLux is even more versatile with a canopy whether you're a tradie or just looking to protect your family's camping gear in the back of your ute. The canopy is constructed from strong, yet lightweight molded ABS plastic and is available in high or low roof options. 

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Driving Lights from New Town Toyota

Driving Lights

For those who do lots of night driving, Toyota Genuine Driving Lights from New Town Toyota can improve visibility at night. For off-road night driving, they are an absolute must. Bad weather, stray animals and slippery terrain can all pose safety threats.

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Grille from New Town Toyota


The Grille is the face of your Hilux. Enhance your hard-working HiLux's front end with a new Toyota Genuine HiLux Grille replacement from New Town Toyota. The Grille helps with one of the most important functions of your HiLux - the engine.

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Mud Guards from New Town Toyota

Mud Guards

Keep your Toyota spotless with less work. A lot of time and money go into car washes, shampoos, and waxes. If you want to cut down on the washing your car requires, mud guards are a useful accessory to have installed at New Town Toyota.

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Nudge Bars from New Town Toyota

Nudge Bars

Nudge bars offer your vehicle additional protection from the common accidents that can happen in the city or out in the country. A nudge bar from New Town Toyota helps protect your front bumper from other drivers' parking misjudgments.

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Park Assist from New Town Toyota

Park Assist

Just a minor scratch on your bumper can cost hundreds of dollars to fix, so even if Toyota Park Assist  saves you from just one dent or scuff, it could pay for itself. But chances are it will reward you time and time again, and save you the inconvenience of having your car off the road for repairs.

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Rear Spoiler from New Town Toyota

Rear Spoiler

Every Toyota Genuine Rear Spoiler is designed to compliment the lines of your vehicle and adds a sporty look, you can easily have one installed at New Town Toyota.

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Roof Racks from New Town Toyota

Roof Racks

Designed to match your vehicle's roof geometry, Toyota Genuine Roof Racks from New Town Toyota have been tested to our exacting engineering and quality standards and come fitted with tamper-resistant fastening systems to deter theft.

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Roof Rack Attachments from New Town Toyota

Roof Rack Attachments

When you have specific equipment you need to transport frequently, at New Town Toyota we have the roof rack attachment to match it. Whether you're working in construction or enjoying sporting adventures; our line of trays, pods, and carriers will make transporting your equipment much easier.

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Side Steps from New Town Toyota

Side Steps

If you have an SUV or another vehicle type with lots of ground clearance space, getting in and out can be a bit of a challenge - especially for children or the elderly. Toyota Genuine Side Steps from New Town Toyota help to ensure that your passengers can get in with ease and with minimum chance of slipping.

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Tonneau Covers from New Town Toyota

Tonneau Covers

Protect your load from the elements and hide it from view of people with Toyota Genuine Tonneau covers. Our ute Tonneau Covers are easy to secure over the back of your HiLux and are made from ultra durable materials.

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Towing Kits from New Town Toyota

Towing Kits

Nothing adds more versatility to your car than its ability to tow. Whether you've got a Corolla or a HiLux, every Toyota Genuine Towbar we make is designed and engineered specifically for your model. Using a model-specific towbar is crucial to knowing that your car is able to safely pull a load.

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Tray Bodies from New Town Toyota

Tray Bodies

We understand that your ute is a tool of trade and as such, we offer Genuine Tray Bodies that are engineered to provide outstanding strength and stability. Toyota Genuine Tray Bodies are designed to safely carry maximum vehicle payload and are professionally engineered for performance, practicality, longevity and safety. 

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Trayliners from New Town Toyota


The super-tough Toyota Genuine Ute Liner and Tailgate Liner from New Town Toyota is an integrated and practical match for your HiLux Double Cab utility. Tailor-made for the HiLux Double Cab, the one-piece Liner is contoured to cover the wheel arches and integrate with the header board, providing coverage right to and over the edges of the ute. 

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Tyre Pressure Monitoring System from New Town Toyota

Tyre Pressure Monitoring

Tyre condition is often a big worry for drivers and have a big impact on the safety and performance of your car. It's often not until we're driving that we think about our tyre's pressure and you might not have a pressure gauge handy at that time.

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Vehicle Protectors from New Town Toyota

Vehicle Protectors

Protect yourself from the elements with weathershields from New Town Toyota. Weathershields help prevent rain from getting in if you have the window cracked open. Headlamp covers and bonnet protectors assist in protecting the front of the vehicle from debris and damage.

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Visors from New Town Toyota


We all love sunny days, but they can also make for more difficult driving conditions. Sunvisors from New Town Toyota are a discreet addition to the front exterior of your car and provide superb coverage.

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