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Mining & Resource Sector at New Town Toyota

Overview of New Town Toyota and the Mining & Resource Sector

Overview of New Town Toyota and the Mining & Resource Sector On Spec. On Site. On Time.

Here at New Town Toyota we have geared ourselves up to be at the forefront of vehicle requirements & specifications  and site requirements for the Mining and Resource Sector. 

With over twenty years of service to the Mining Industry New Town Toyota understands the demanding environment and is well equipped to provide the total automotive solution including the supply of new vehicle fleet, parts and onsite labour. Our team has knowledge and expertise in mine site vehicle specifications and servicing that is unparalleled within the Motor Vehicle Industry in Western Australia.

Our focus on continuous improvement, quality control and the careful selection of third party suppliers has seen significant improvements in vehicle reliability & durability whilst maintaining extremely high safety standards which we understand are imperative to the mining sector.

New Town Toyota holds ISO-9000-2008 Quality Assurance Certification and follows a stringent set of Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) standards to ensure that our staff, clients and suppliers are always safe.  

On Spec. On Site. On Time.

When it comes to service & experience New Town Toyota has the resources.

New Town Toyota is reputedly the State’s most experienced supplier in the provision of Commercial Light Motor Vehicles (LVF) and mine-site compliant vehicles in WA. New Town Toyota’s depth of experience marks them as West Australia’s obvious supplier of choice for the supply and management of LVF, technical labour and parts and warehousing expertise.

 New Town Toyota seeks to supply to clients quality products and service, strong reporting & reliability and cost effective options, while complying with international best practices for environmental, health and safety standards.

New Town Toyota’s Complete Light Vehicle Supply & Maintenance proposal includes:

1. Custom Built Toyota Mine Compliant Vehicles

New Town Toyota can supply clients with Light Vehicles built to required mine specifications or co-develop the build to best fit worksite conditions. New Town Toyota works with you to minimise fleet capital cost balanced against maintenance costs.

2. Vehicle Fleet Management

New Town Toyota’s Fleet Management offers a multi-focused management approach aimed at achieving a total LVF cost  reduction over the life of the vehicle(s) and balancing service maintenance costs with resale / disposal value. This includes any or all of vehicle registration, fuel card supply & reporting, supply of pool vehicles, service & maintenance, several finance options and disposal to optimise vehicle life-cycle management.

3. Specialist Onsite Service, Maintenance & Labour

New Town Toyota resources workshops located throughout remote areas and mine sites with Toyota trained technicians and has the capacity to increase resources with short notice. Using New Town Toyota technicians results in cost downs on warranty repairs, recall repairs, annual leave, sick leave and fleet downtime. In addition to Labour Supply New Town Toyota supply diagnostic and factory tooling.  Our Technical Services Team ensures optimal servicing and repair capacity at competitive pricing.

4. Onsite Parts Warehousing & Stock Management

New Town Toyota is the largest Toyota genuine parts supplier in Australia. Onsite Parts Warehousing and Stock Management can be remotely managed from New Town Toyota’s Metro office supported by regular site visits. Our Corporate Parts Team achieves a DIFOT of 98%, supports the management and accountability of remote site stock holding, replenishment and redundancy of parts to meet the needs of the site, and can support warehouse development and setup. Toyota parts can be changed seasonally based on historic data collected from various mining regionds keeping vehicle down time to a minimum.

New Town Toyota has developed an online parts ordering system (B-2-B Parts Supply) to assist with accurate and on time parts delivery. CLICK HERE TO BUY ONLINE. 


5. Reporting & Cost Management

New Town Toyota Fleet Management has the capacity to analyse and report on vehicle usage statistics; providing statistics by vehicle, vehicle age, kms and servicing repair costs. This allows New Town Toyota to recommend LVF extension or change over and optimise LVF mix and build spec matched to “best fit” for purpose and relative to site and usage conditions.

6. Extensive Vehicle Reconditioning & Disposal

New Town Toyota has the capacity to support either substantive reconditioning or disposal of vehicles at any point in the vehicle life cycle. When a vehicle has reached the end of its cost effective life cycle New Town Toyota are able to purchase or dispose, whichever is required. New Town Toyota will also support disposal of vehicles excess to current fleet needs.

Contact our Mining & Resource Sector Specialists

Mining Business Development Manager, Ray Mayers directly on 08 9472 2600 or 0400 541 904 or click here to enquire online.