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7 July 2016 · Service

Benefits of Regular Maintenance for your Vehicle!

Servicing your vehicle at New Town Toyota is the best way to protect its value. A full service history can help you achieve stronger resale value when you want to sell or trade-in your car.  

1. Maintaining engine performance

The best way to keep your engine running smoothly is to ensure the oil and filter are changed regularly, as the oil approaches its end of life the oil lubrication properties start to breakdown and form carbon deposits, these carbon deposits attach themselves to the internal components of the engine and  in extreme circumstances can reduce flow of lubrication to the main internal components causing undue wear to the engine resulting in costly repairs. Most people notice an immediate change to the way the engine runs directly after the oil is changed and that is directly attributed to the new oil, the engine runs more freely with the correct grade of Genuine Toyota motor oil. Changing your oil at the recommended intervals will keep your engine running like it should for many years.

2. Technical changes and factory updates

As vehicles progress in age and mileage various changes occur with the way the vehicles run hence Toyota engineers are consistently monitoring information provided to them from the dealer network to identify ways to continuously improve the product and help keep your vehicle running at its optimum level, Toyota when necessary provide dealers with updates and those updates are identified when your car is in for service at New Town Toyota. Toyota provide comprehensive training for dealer technicians and dealers have knowledge and skill sets to ensure that all servicing and updates are carried out in accordance with specifications set by Toyota.

3. Other driveline components 

Although the engine forms the main part of the driveline it is necessary to examine the other sections of the driveline, i.e. auto trans, manual gearboxes, transfer case and final drive sets, these components do not require the same level of attention required by the engine, however, are recommended to be changed as per a maintenance plan, they also need to be evaluated to establish the severity of use, i.e. is the vehicle being used for towing, or used in a commercial environment etc, these factors will impact on the condition of the oils in those components therefore the regular inspections are recommended to determine whether the usage may be considered extreme and if so a recommendation may be made to change those oils more frequently than scheduled to keep those components in top order.