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6 June 2024 · New Vehicles

Which compact to mid-size Toyota SUV has a bigger boot?

As a Toyota dealership situated amidst the vast expanse of SUV options in Australia, we're continually impressed by the diverse range of vehicles our brand offers. From compact urban cruisers to spacious family-friendly models, Toyota stands out as a top contender in the market. 

Join us as we compare the cargo capacities of Toyota's compact to midsize SUVs - the Yaris Cross, CHR, bZ4x, Corolla Cross, and the RAV4.

Whether you're a weekend adventurer in need of ample storage for gear or a city dweller seeking maneuverability without sacrificing space, we'll unravel the dimensions to help you make an informed decision tailored to the Australian lifestyle.


Yaris Cross Australia Boot Size

Yaris Cross

Cargo Space: 390L*

The Yaris Cross is the smallest SUV in Toyota's lineup. It offers decent cargo space for its size while remaining easy to manoeuvre in tight spaces. 

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C-HR | Boot Space Australia


Cargo Space: 388L*

The C-HR's boot space, though compact, is designed with style in mind. It's suitable for urban commuters who value aesthetics and occasional weekend trips with smaller luggage or gear.

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bZ4X | Boot Space | Australia


Cargo Space: 421L*

As an all-electric SUV, the bZ4X offers an efficient use of space in its boot, thanks to the packaging advantages of electric drivetrains. It can accommodate daily essentials and moderate-sized luggage for eco-conscious drivers

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Corolla Cross | Boot Space Australia

Corolla Cross

Cargo Space: 425L*

The Corolla Cross strikes a balance between compact dimensions and practicality, offering ample boot space for everyday errands, family outings, and longer road trips. Its versatility makes it suitable for various lifestyles and activities.

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RAV4 | Boot Space Australia


Cargo Space: 580L*

The RAV4 boasts the largest boot space among the compact to mid-size Toyota line up, making it perfect for families, outdoor enthusiasts, and anyone needing ample cargo capacity. It can accommodate everything from groceries and strollers to camping gear and sports equipment, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of activities and lifestyles.

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While each Toyota SUV offers different levels of boot space, they are tailored to various needs and preferences. Whether you prioritize efficiency, style, eco-friendliness, versatility, or spaciousness, there's a Toyota SUV to suit your lifestyle and cargo requirements