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25 March 2020 · New Vehicles

What your Toyota says about you

Whether it’s business, pleasure, outdoor enjoyment or turning heads. Our choice of Toyota says a lot about us. Because they’re more than just a car; they’re an extension of us. Our workmate. Our companion, our best friend. Here’s a snapshot of what your Toyota’s say about you.



You love adventure. But you also love to be seen. With its aggressive front end styling, it epitomises your view of the world – attack it head on. Day or night, city or country, when the horizon calls, your RAV4 takes you there.



You love compact. You love efficiency. And you love reliability. You love the ability to zip through most of life’s problems with ease. The Corolla is a cool little car that’s seriously big on features. Much like its owner.



You’re smart. You’re practical. You’re about excitement… and school drop-offs. As stylish as you, it’s as perfect for a night on the town as it is with a boot full of shopping. You and your Camry are the world’s best all-rounders.



You don’t muck around when it comes to your daily needs. You go straight to the best every time. Whether it’s for the worksite or the campsite, you place your trust in the tried and true pedigree of the Hilux that’s built to last. She’s not just your ute, she’s your trusted companion.



You love the outdoors. You feel most alive where there’s no walls. You love space in your vehicle and you only trust the best when it comes to off road features and ability. You can’t help but feel a little regal when you’re driving your Landcruiser, the king off the road going where the others won’t.



For the school run, the shopping run or the quick lunch catch up. You love a car that can do it all. The Kluger is big and practical enough to keep life uncluttered, it’s the perfect vehicle for life’s ups and downs. And with a family in tow, there’s always bumps in the road.



Your live life in the fast lane. You don’t compromise. You make your own rules. You live life to the limit, and at full throttle. This Supra is a pure extension of you. Unflinching and always moving forward.


Let's be honest, we can all agree... Anyone who drives a Toyota of any kind must have their whits about them. Toyota's are known for their reliability and are Australias most popular car brand for a reason. You must be a smart cookie to have purchased a Toyota.