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16 July 2018 · New & Used Vehicles

Looking to upgrade your car or just looking for a change?

Why should I trade my car in?

Trying to sell your car privately can be a huge headache and very time consuming. Problems ranging from timewasters to people coming back to you months later down the track with complaints about the car that weren’t there when you sold it to them!

If you trade your car in our dealership assumes all responsibility for the mechanical trustworthiness of the vehicle. Once the used car is in the dealership's hands, the prior owner has no further commitment to the vehicle. A hassle and stress-free transaction, no waiting around for people to come view your car or coming back to you with problems!

Bring your car into New Town Toyota and we will do all the hard work for you. All you will have to worry about is choosing which car you want!


How does it work?

We know you have better things to do than spend your free time trying to work out how to sell your car and what forms you need to fill out. We have made it a very easy process that doesn’t involve endless paper work. See below the three easy steps that we go through:

Bring in your vehicle

The first step is to bring in your vehicle to New Town Toyota so that our valuation team can establish the value of your trade-in.  It's the best time for you to speak with our team member about the vehicle, service history and general condition.

Once the valuation team has finished, you'll receive a trade-in price for your vehicle.

Browse our inventory

No doubt you're looking to trade-in your vehicle because you would like to upgrade to a new car!  The valuer will introduce you to our new vehicle sales team so that they can assist with finding the vehicle that matches your needs.

If you already know what you're after, head over to the showroom and take a look!

Change-over price

You now have your trade-in valuation and have selected the vehicle you would like to purchase.  Using the valuation, the salesperson will establish a change-over price for your new vehicle and take you through the paperwork.

If you would like find out what your trade-in is worth online, then please feel free to submit your details here and our valuation team will get back to you via phone or email.

Once that's all done, you're ready to head off in your new car!

Happy Car Shopping!