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12 September 2018 · Hybrid Technology

Busting the myths of Hybrid Cars


Whilst Australia is considered an early adopter nation, we’ve been surprisingly reluctant to jump on the Hybrid trend, likely due to fears over the inconvenience of plugging in the car, concerns over price and reliability and disinterest in the potential power and look of the car. But you might be surprised to find that these concerns are actually baseless. So, to clear things up we’re going to bust some of the myths commonly associated with Hybrid Cars.

“They are too expensive to buy and even worse to service”

Whilst a hybrid model is a slight jump up in price from the petrol engine equivalent of the same grade, the fuel costs over the life of the vehicle will be far less. And under Toyota Service Advantage it costs the same to service a Toyota Hybrid as it does a regular Toyota vehicle.

“I just don’t have time to plug it in and wait for it to recharge”

Next time you see a Toyota Hybrid, try to find where you’d plug it in. You might be searching for a while, because with a Toyota Hybrid, you don’t plug it in to charge. In fact, the battery charges WHILST driving, through breaking and coasting downhill and from the petrol engine.

“You’re going to have to replace the battery way too often”

We’re sorry to disappoint the naysayers, but the Toyota Hybrid battery comes with an 8 year/160,000km warranty. It’s actually engineered to last the same lifetime as the car. Toyota has been developing Hybrid technology since 1997 when the Prius was introduced, so many years of work and development have gone into ensuring the battery of the Hybrid is just as reliable as the Toyota cars themselves.

“More motors = more noise”

It’s got a petrol engine and an electric motor… so it’s going to be noisier. Right?” WRONG! Toyota have made modifications to the petrol engine, that have improved combustion, cooling, friction and knock control, so you’ll find reduced noise and vibration in the latest editions of Toyota Hybrid cars. Just take a drive in a Toyota Hybrid and you’ll find that it is as quiet as a mouse.

“Far too quirky, ugly and boring, there’s just no power or performance”

Toyota has just released a bold new Corolla Hatch and an incredibly sleek new Camry. Both of these models have had a radical facelift inside and out and are making waves with their new design. These vehicles both have Hybrid options, which look exactly the same as the petrol version. Plus they boast impressive power, so much so, you won’t even believe that you’re driving a Hybrid. Don’t believe us? Book a test drive today!

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With Toyota increasing the accessibility and availability of Hybrid cars in the all-new Corolla and Camry range, you’ll find that Hybrid quickly becoming a popular choice. You’ll get all the same features as the petrol equivalent, but you’ll also find a whole new level of fuel economy that you never thought possible! Plus with impressive power and reduced noise, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the Toyota Hybrid driving experience. Curious about Toyota Hybrid? Chat to us today to find out more.