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20 June 2016 · Genuine Toyota Parts

Why Use Genuine Toyota Parts?

Every part of your Toyota has been specifically designed to last the life of the vehicle under normal operating conditions. The same engineer involved in the development of the vehicle also reviews the quality of each Genuine part before it's approved for use in the production of a Toyota motor vehicle.

As a vehicle gets older, parts wear out earlier than intended and require to be replaced. At this time, other brands of parts become available which have been manufactured to  look the same as Genuine Toyota parts. These parts are called aftermarket, grey market or non genuine parts. Quite often they resemble the characteristics of Genuine Toyota and to the untrained eye, could be considered to be the same. Remembering that Toyota engineers have never approved these non genuine parts to be fitted to a Toyota and would never recommend an alternative to using Genuine Toyota parts. Unlike Genuine, Non genuine parts are not vigorously tested by Toyota to ensure they meet the high standards that we expect.

When you choose Genuine Toyota parts for your vehicle you can be assured they meet the same exacting standards achieved when manufacturing your Toyota in the factory. This keeps your car Genuine, built for what it was intended to do, giving you reliability and durability. Fitting Genuine Toyota parts not only keeps your car original but also assures its safety, knowing the part meets Australian Design Regulations (ADR). When you insist on Genuine parts to be fitted to your Toyota it maintains the overall value and does not jeopardise your warranty in anyway.


Why are non genuine parts sometimes cheaper?

If non genuine parts were the same price the companies making them wouldn't sell anything. How do you make parts cheaper that look the same as Genuine Toyota? Compromise! Make them look similar but save costs by using alternative materials or mass production of larger quantities. Under conditions like this quality if difficult to maintain consistently. Some parts will last longer than others.

Toyota spends more money on research and development than any other Automotive aftermarket company to guarantee their products stand the test of time. Toyota aim to manufacture quality not quantity, effectively producing more reliable parts consistently.

More disturbingly, there is another player in the parts market. Counterfeit! This is a growing industry and recent shipments into Australia have included brake pads containing asbestos and inferior safety parts that could potentially cause serious injury.

In some cases, the companies selling these parts in Australia are not aware they're counterfeit because they're so alike. This is confusing for the consumer, being told they are Genuine Toyota but they may not be. How do you know it's Genuine? The only way to guarantee it's Genuine Toyota is to asked repairers to use an approved Toyota Dealer for parts on your car. If it's not from a Dealer, it may not be Genuine.

Next time your considering a cheaper alternative for your Toyota, ask yourself is it really worth it? Save a few dollars now but may cost more in the long run. How much is safety worth? Don't forget you can also ask for Genuine parts to be fitted to your Toyota when having repairs done outside the Toyota dealership. Of coarse, we only use Genuine Toyota parts here at New Town Toyota. If your unfortunate enough to be involved in a car accident, tell the smash repairer you want to keep your Toyota Genuine.