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22 January 2015 · Genuine Toyota Parts

Why Choose Toyota Genuine Bull Bars?

Why choose Toyota Genuine Bull Bars?

Toyota Genuine Accessory Bull Bars are developed in conjunction with the vehicle. Vehicle safety systems are complex and involve the interaction of many parts throughout the vehicle, including the vehicle chassis. Mounting components to the chassis can have a significant impact on vehicle performance.

By developing the Bull Bar and vehicle co-operatively, Toyota Australia together with Toyota Technical Centre Head Office can ensure that both continue to operate in harmony.

Beyond accurate function of safety systems such as airbags, Genuine Bull Bars are developed to maintain the durability of the vehicle structure [LC70 Series Steel Bull Bars] (fatigue) and wiring harnesses safety (fire hazard prevention).

It is only with the knowledge of highly complex vehicle technical data, and simultaneous development, that Toyota Australia can continue to offer Genuine Accessories as the only integrated and approved accessory solution.