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28 June 2021 · About Us

Looking for a Perth Day Trip?


On the look out for a day trip that isn’t too far from Perth? We have the spot just for you. Black Diamond Lake has become very popular over the last few years, and we can totally see why!

Just over 2 hours from Perth near Collie, Black Diamond Lake is a pretty unique place right on our doorstep to go and explore.

The Lake is an abandoned mine site which had a limestone base making the water very very blue! The colour is what makes it so different to the other freshwater lakes you can swim in around Perth. Swimming is permitted in the Lake but one thing to note is that the Shire of Collie have said the lake does have a low PH level. So if you have sensitive skin it is recommended to limit your exposure to the water. 

The water is perfect for kayaking, SUP or even just a picnic if you don’t want to get in the water and just take in the beautiful scenery. You can’t camp the night there but it is open to the public all day. In saying that, there are quite a few campsite close to Collie if you did want to camp somewhere after spending the day at the Lake. 

Don’t forget to pack your own water and food as there are no amenities at the Lake. There are trees surrounding the lake you can set up under, although if you go in school holidays it can be quite busy so make sure you do take an umbrella for some shade in case you miss out on a spot under a tree.

Something that makes it even more unique is that you can park your car right near the lake (if you have a 4x4). So if you do have a car set up with a BBQ or Engel etc you can use these during the day right next to where you can jump in the lake for a swim. How convenient is that! If you don't have a 4x4 dont worry, the car park is not a far walk from the waters edge. 

We teamed up with Hello Michelle who took the All-New Kluger out to Black Diamond Lake with her family for the day. Most of us in Perth tend to avoid going outside during Winter but turns out Black Diamond Lake was a beautiful spot even on a cold Sunday! They didn’t jump in the water but there was still so much to explore.

Check out some of the snaps from their day trip:

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A L L - W H E E L  D R I V E

With AWD as an available option you can get out there with confidence. Power to all four wheels adds grip and stability. With All-Wheel Drive standard on Hybrid, and optional on petrol variants, you have the confidence to take on any journey.


Who says convenience can’t look good too? The All-New Kluger was designed with style and luxury in mind. It’s an SUV that knows you expect practicality but want luxury and beautiful design too. The Kluger has an adaptable interior, brimming with legroom and increased storage space. However, a family friendly SUV need not just be utilitarian. The Kluger proves that beautiful design, luxurious materials and intelligent features can exist in a practical SUV.